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Best Practices


Governments which effectively fight against the sexual exploitation of children in tourism do so by intelligently coordinating their various national ministries and bodies. The most effective way for governments to act is often in combination with NGO's. The most successful campaigns build a network of:

  • NGOs to do much of the groundwork;
  • local and foreign governments for law enforcement and education;
  • government tourism ministries to help communicate with travel agencies and local tourism officials;
  • and the press to help raise awareness of the existence of the problem.


Hunting sex tourists in Canada and the US - using technology to cross borders.

How do you enlist the publicís help in the fight against child pornography without releasing images of victims? And facing the international nature of the internet, how do local law enforcement agencies best pursue these cases?


StopChildProstitution - coordinating action between all spheres of government

With awareness of the sexual abuse of children at an all-time high in Belgium, governments and NGOs started a new campaign that was notable for the number of government agencies brought on board, showing acceptance that the entire society is responsible for the problem.


P.E.A.C.E. Sri Lanka - media attention spurs the government to act

The head of P.E.A.C.E. is a former journalist who used her contacts throughout Sri Lankan society and her media savvy to spread awareness of the exploitation of children in tourism and to create pressure on the government to act.


Child Protection Alliance Gambia - reducing poverty and empowering children

As a relatively new tourist destination, the Gambian authorities recognize the dangers that will come with the benefits of the new industry. One of the leading NGO/government partnerships in the country attacks the problem in the context of more general societal pressures such as poverty, and has enlisted children themselves in many of its campaigns.