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As an experienced traveller, you are aware that children in many countries around the world are forced to earn their own livelihood and contribute money to support their families. You have seen these children selling merchandise at night-time markets, working in restaurants, or running errands during the day. For many of these boy and girls, it is only a short transition to go from working on the street to working as a prostitute. As a tour guide, you are probably familiar with this situation and have seen the marketplaces, city squares, and bars where "special services" involving children are offered to tourists who are willing to pay the right price. In some cases, you may have already been confronted by tourists who ask for information about prices or places where the services of children can be purchased.


How can you react?

  • When you talk to your tour group, address social issues including children's rights.
  • Make sure they understand that the sexual exploitation of children is a crime - everywhere in the world.
  • Make it clear that you personally, and the tour operator, regard the violation of children's rights as absolutely unacceptable.
  • Be persistent. This information is a service to your customers and will help them avoid getting involved in problem situations in a foreign country.

If you suspect that tourists are abusing children abroad, or that they intend to do so, then refer to the Travellers section for advice about What to do if you are a witness and the suggestions also provided there in the Examples.