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What you can do


Make your customers aware of the problem before they leave for their trip (posters and brochures). Make sure they are aware of the laws prohibiting the sexual exploitation of children - everywhere in the world. Let them know that the police in your country can do something about the problem, providing they have clear information about the crime, i.e. time, place, and persons involved. Provide clear information on where they can report suspicious activities.


Make sure that your employees are properly informed and know how to react when they are confronted with the problem of sexual exploitation of children in the destination countries. It is recommended that training material, such as that provided by ECPAT, be used to sensitize staff to the problem and to teach the right way to proceed upon encountering it.


When you enter into contracts or agreements with other service providers, i.e. hotels or transport companies, include a written clause that clearly states that the commercial exploitation of children will not be tolerated by your organisation in any form. Refer here to the existing Codes of Conduct of the tourist industry. 


Report any illicit requests or suspicious activities to the police in your country or to the authorities in the destination country (see local contact at the travel destinations).


You can also report this information to local organisations or assistance centres responsible for providing help (see Organisations).