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The sexual abuse of children is one of the worst side-effects of global tourism. The tourist industry can make an important contribution in the struggle against child prostitution.

A number of tour operators have undertaken to actively oppose the sexual exploitation of children. 



The German tour operator Studiosus reached an agreement with terre des hommes in 1994 in which they undertook, together with 11 other German tour operators, to support the implementation of a global ban on child prostitution. The measures that have since been implemented include specific clauses in contracts with hotels, provision of information for customers, and training for personnel working locally as coordinators or active in hotel acquisition. Studiosus has produced its own brochures on this topic. But they have also gone further and provided funding for various aid projects all over the world, including schools for children threatened by abduction into prostitution.



The Italian tour operator MAPPAMONDO engages in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children by printing free terre des hommes campaign ads in his catalogues.




SLG was one of the first tour operators to sign the Code of Conduct of ECPAT. But the activities of SLG went beyond merely meeting its obligations under this agreement. It not only provides information about this problem in its catalogues, at the destination, with flyers and in hotels. All its personnel can order a free copy of the story "Rosario is dead" by Majgull Axelsson, which describes the terrible life and death of a sexually-abused 12-year old boy in Thailand.




Further tour operators have undertaken to take action against the sexual exploitation of children: for a list click on Signatories to the Codes of Conduct.


If you represent a tour operator and would like to be included in this section, for example by signing the ECPAT Code of Conduct, please send us an  e-mail with your proposal.