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"Words" : a TV spot against the worldwide sexual exploitation of children


The international children’s aid organisation terre des hommes has produced a new spot against the sexual exploitation of children in tourism: „Words“.


As the first TV station in Germany, VIVA has been screening the spot since April 10 , 2003.

The spot is aimed at you, as a young target group, because one-fourth of all long-distance flights are bought by young people and young adults.

With this spot, we want to raise awareness on the problem of sexual exploitation of children in tourism in your destination countries, so that you know what to do against it.


More information on the topic is presented on this internet platform With this site here we want to give a short introduction.


The campaign is supported by the European Union, the German Ministry of Family Affairs and VIVA TV:


Here you can watch the TV Spot Words again. Here you can watch the TV Spot with very high resolution.


Everybody can do something – Call for action


What can I do abroad?

Here you will find some tips of what you can do if you witness situations on your journey where children get harmed.


Information on destination countries.

We have collected information on many beloved destination countries, which portray the country, and especially describe the situation of children. You can select individual countries on the continent sites.


Where can I get support abroad?

We try to provide addresses of local NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) working in this field. You can also contact your embassy in all cases.


You want to talk in your school class about this topic?

Here you can find more information, news and downloads on our work from the International Federation terre des hommes.


You really like the internet platform and you want to establish a link from your private site, your school website or the sites from your youth club to Here is the download for the banner.


You want to see other short films on the topic? Click here.