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Be observant while you are travelling abroad. Show civil responsibility and contact your embassy, the police, or the tour representative and hotel management if you come across any activities relating to the commercial sexual exploitation of children. In order to be able to follow up cases reported to them, the police will need as much accurate information as possible about the events in question. Including time and place, and the persons involved.


If you come across any websites or advertisements in newspapers, magazines or brochures relating to or promoting the sexual exploitation of children in connection with tourism then report what you find to the local police, your embassy, or relevant non-governmental organisations.


Make your bookings only with a reputable tour operator, and make sure that they have a policy of opposing the exploitation of children in tourism.

For a list of actively-cooperating companies, see Participating Tour Operators Help to raise awareness about the problem of the sexual exploitation of children in tourism. Talk about it with friends when discussing travel destinations, and with colleagues, and other acquaintances.


Help activities against the exploitation of children. Support one of the numerous child rights organisations and make a donation towards the projects working on prevention and the reintegration of affected children. A list of such organisations is provided under the heading Organisations.


In many countries the extraterritorial principle allows prosecutions for offences committed abroad. This applies even if the deed in question is not an offence in the country in which it took place. If extraterritoriality does not apply in your country, write to your elected representatives to tell them that you would like to see it introduced. Laws on the protection of children must also ensure that the child involved is treated as a victim.