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You are on holiday, and you want to meet new people, get to know a foreign culture, and explore the country - as well as having an active and of course relaxing holiday. But "Leaving your troubles behind you for a few weeks", can often mean turning a blind eye to the problems that children can face all over the world.


In many countries children have to earn their own living and contribute to the family budget. You see these children selling jewellery, or offering to clean shoes in front of your hotel. They might offer to "guard" your rental car, or sell fruit and snacks. Sometimes it is only a short step for these boys and girls from working on the beachfront into prostitution.


We provide you here with some recommendations about what to do to help to stop the sexual abuse of children in tourism, both in general and also if you think you have witnessed an offence. We also provide some examples of typical situations you might find yourself in as a tourist, with advice about how to react. Finally there is an overview of the legal situation relating to this matter.