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As in other parts of the world, the sexual exploitation of children in Africa is spreading. This development is not restricted to the typical tourist destinations, but can be observed in many regions of the continent. The reasons are not mainly connected to tourism, but are rather to be found in the spread of violence, poverty, and HIV. Especially in the southern Africa HIV is one of the biggest problems of the society. According to UNAIDS there are 22 million people (1.8 million children) infected by HIV. Five per cent of the grown up population (in the age between 15 and 49 years) are infected by HIV in the year 2007. Mostly the data just can be estimated, the dark figures maybe are much more higher.

Civil Wars, genocide  and the Aids epidemic have left many children orphans, and many children are then vulnerable to sexual exploitation.


If you witness a case of child abuse by tourists while you are on holiday abroad you should report this to the tour organiser, the tour guide, and/or the hotel manager. Your embassy and local representatives of non-government organisations also follow up cases reported to them.


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