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The following films about child prostitution in tourism was commissioned by terre des hommes and has been and is being shown on long-haul flights to tourist destinations - e.g. by Lufthansa, Sabena, LTU, Olympic Airways, Alitalia, Air Europe and VARIG.


We were very pleased that the positive reactions of the press and various television companies have stimulated the international distribution of this film and the coverage of this topic. The United Nations recognised the importance of these activities in 1999 by granting its "UN Grand Award for Excellence in Public Relations".


We would like to thank everyone who has worked to make this project possible:

European Commission, German Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Young People, the airlines already mentioned, all television companies who have broadcast the spot free of charge, and also the agencies McCann Erickson, Hotdog Filmproduktion, ABC Berlin, EURO RSCG Thomsen Roehle and the production company Cobblestone Pictures.

All rights reserved by terre des hommes.


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